History            BRAMERITA       photo of Shelda taken 1966

The affix BRAME'RITA' belongs to Shelda and Kevin Hornby.

The affix BRAM'ERTITA' was owned by Bob and Rita Brampton (Shelda's parents) in the late 60s.

 Shelda has always been involved with dogs and in 1975, aged 14, she judged for the first time.

In 1977 Shelda owned her first Champion Ch Bramertita Easter Bunny


In 1989 Rita died and the affix Bramertita was no longer. Shelda at this time was raising a family but never lost contact with the dog world, she judged occasionally and stewarded at the local open shows. However she never owned another chihuahua until 1995.

 With her husband Kevin they asked the kennel club if they would reinstate the affix Bramertita ... they refused but after much correspondence they agreed to Bramerita which was wonderful as this spelling actually became a living tribute to Rita.

The greatest Bramerita achievement was Breeding/ Exhibiting /Owning The Top Winning Dog of All Time .


The Bramerita success is mostly due to dedication, sleepless nights and hours of endless car driving.

 The whole  family play a huge part  playing with puppies, helping during whelpings and taking charge when Shelda and Kevin are at dog shows. A true team effort, parents, grandparents,good friends and understanding bank manager.

Shelda was honoured to judge Chihuahuas At The World Show in Sweden 2008