Toilet Training

During the day

A lively Chihuahua puppy needs to be fed little and often therefore he will need to toilet little and often. When you bring your puppy home you really need to dedicate at least 2/4 weeks to toilet training.

Do not give him total freedom of your house he cannot cope with large areas at first.

It is not always possible to put a tiny Chihuahua puppy outside if it is raining or windy or bitterly cold so ‘newspaper or puppy wee wee pads are a great help. Take your puppy to where you want him to toilet every waking hour, after feeds or play or if he restless whilst being handled. Use both inside and outside toilet areas. Most if not all breeders will have your puppy used to newspaper for toileting anyway. Put the newspaper down so it is easily accessible for the puppy and convenient to you.

The door to the garden is a good place and on warm days you can leave the door open and he will then naturally go outside. When he first wees on the newspaper leave it down for a few hours this will then encourage him to visit it again, if he poo’s in the wrong place, pick the poo up and put it on the newspaper or the area in the garden you want him to use and again leave it there for awhile to encourage him to return.

Keep praising him when he does it in the right place.

Night Time

I suggest using a crate/travel box. The crate can be placed close to your bed for the first few nights to provide a feeling of security and help during this house-training period.

If the puppy cries put a hand down to him to reassure him if he does not stop crying take him outside to relieve himself. Praise then put back in crate.

A couple of nights of this routine and the puppy should start sleeping through the night. In the morning take him out immediately upon waking to the place you want him to toilet. During the day put the open crate into your family room or kitchen and this can then become his den and in the event of the children from hell visiting or an over boisterous large dog he can safely and happily be shut in his den.

Traveling with your Chihuahua

Your Chihuahua should NEVER travel loose in your car. He should always without exception be transported in a hard-sided travel box; the type used for cats is perfect and very inexpensive.

I have heard many stories of accidents and deaths where Chihuahuas have been hurdled through windows and windscreens on to roads and have broken neck and legs from falling on the floor of the car from sitting on some ones lap.

Overseas travel.

If you decide that you want to take your dog overseas with you, you must go to the vet at least 7 months before wish to return to the UK. You will need rabies inoculations blood test and microchip. Go to for more information. Only a few airports will handle dogs and not all ports will accept traveling dogs, so make sure well in advance of the animal handling procedures. Again your Chihuahua will at least have to spend some of the journey in a cage so if he is used to his traveling box he will not be distressed.